The Story Behind The Album: Queen II

A month after releasing their debut album Queen returned to Trident Studios to commence work on the follow-up, tentatively titled ‘Over The Top’ – an idea that didn’t amuse EMI any more than ‘Dearie Me’ had for its predecessor. Despite positive reviews for ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ the individual members still weren’t convinced Queen was a going concern and maintained outside interest in physics (Brian May), electronics (John Deacon), Freddie Mercury and his art studies and potential dentist, Roger Taylor (or Roger Meddows-Taylor as he liked to be known) keeping on their side-line of a Kensington Market stall because who knew how long this thing would last?

Still they were anxious to resume work before going back on the road and preparing for a tour with Mott the Hoople so they grabbed a vacant August slot in Trident and began making the record that is many a fan’s favourite. It is certainly the first time one hears their trademark multi-layered overdubs, those rich harmonies and the sheer joie de vivre of a group of young men refusing to be hindered by boundaries and conformity. So while other rock stars went on their holidays Queen worked like Trojans…

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Queen II (Mar 1974)
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2Father To Son Play
3White Queen (As It Began) Play
4Some Day One Day Play
5The Loser In The End Play
6Ogre Battle Play
7The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke Play
8Nevermore Play
9The March Of The Black Queen Play
10Funny How Love Is Play
11Seven Seas Of Rhye Play
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