The Story Behind The Album: The Game

This album was the first that Queen recorded over two distinct sets of sessions, whereas in the past, each album was recorded in a single block of sessions. Four tracks were largely finished during the summer of 1979, including the opening single ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’, that was released seven months before the release of The Game. The remaining songs were laid down between February and May of 1980. This was not the only change to the band’s modus operandi.

There was a new place to record; Munich’s Musicland Studios and a new co-producer in Reinhold Mack who had encouraged British acts to enjoy Giorgio Moroder’s state of the art facility. All this led to something of a new ‘sound’, one that had been hinted at on Roger Taylor’s Jazz piece, ‘Fun It’, but would now find a more prominent place on the new album.

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The Game (Jun 1980)
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2Dragon AttackPlay
3Another One Bites The DustPlay
4Need Your Loving TonightPlay
5Crazy Little Thing Called LovePlay
6Rock It (Prime Jive)Play
7Don't Try SuicidePlay
8Sail Away Sweet SisterPlay
9Coming SoonPlay
10Save MePlay
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