The Story Behind The Album: The Works

The WorksPerhaps mindful that their adoption of funk and disco tropes had perplexed some of their British and American fans, Queen’s eleventh album was a return to fundamentals – it was a rock album, although they didn’t entirely discard the grooves that had graced both The Game and Hot Space.

Their new album’s title hinted at something more familiar: The Works implied several things. It was an appropriate response to the UK slang term for something efficacious. It also lent itself to the less prosaic and all-encompassing idea that the band were delivering their best shot: this is it – this is the works.

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Listen to The Works

The Works (Feb 1984)
1Radio Ga Ga Play
2Tear It Up Play
3It's A Hard Life Play
4Man On The Prowl Play
5Machines (Or Back To Humans) Play
6I Want To Break Free Play
7Keep Passing The Open Windows Play
8Hammer To Fall Play
9Is This The World We Created...? Play
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